About Rovinj

Rovinj, the blue Adriatic perl, the city of romance and art, it is one of the most picturesque Mediterranean cities. Visitors from all over the world spend their holidays in Rovinj because of attractive climate, picturesque history, great hospitality, postcard scenery, rich Mediterranean macchia and pine trees, 22 islands and isles which alltogether with the coast make up the biggest protected area of the natural city herritage.


Although, the most visited is during summer season, many visitors come to Rovinj during winter period due to favourable climate conditions which positively affect peoples health. Mediterranean climate has the average January temperature 4,8 C, while in July the average temperature is 22,3 C. The average sea temperature is 16,6 C, during summer season can reach to 26 or even 27 degrees. The average number of sunny days is annualy 2.393, with 73% of humidity.


Istrian cuisine hides the tradition of rich tastes which is the reflection of historical, geographical and climate characteristics of the peninsula. Green Istria dish, typical for the inside of the peninsula are based on meat and pasta, while Blue Istrian dishes offer sea freshness along with great fishes and sea fruits. The inside of the Istria hides the variety of taverns and wine vaults where visitors can experience indigenous atmosphere tasting traditional dishes and a glass of the best Istrian wine. Indigenous Istrian wines are: white wine malvasia, and red wines teran and refosk, and the best known dessert wine Istrian mace. You can find here the world known olive oils which are one of the worlds' best quality, and it is possible to taste them in oil mills and in best olive-tree warblers' taverns.


Rovinj summers are very rich in events. You can hardly find one evening without some kind of the concert: either traditional Rovinj music, pop music, jazz, either classical music. There are many national and international art exhibitions, 'Grisia' is the well known open air exhibition in the same old city street name, different theatre performances, art happenings and others.

Night going outs start at variegated city restaurants and bars along the coast or Rovinj hotels' terraces and tourist settlements with the organised entertainment arrangement with the live music. We advise you to visit coctail bar Havana with hot latinoamerican rhythms and ice coctails offers the perfect combination for the long unforgettable summer night.

Those who wants late night entertainment, you can find it at Monvi, the biggest entertainment centre in Istria with ten bnight bars and disco clubs inside the area.

Among plenty of summer happening we can proudly excel the biggest annual party 'Rovinj Night'. It lasts for three days where across the city ten thousands of people gather toghether with the music, dancing, tastefull food and drinks. The very last day, exactly at midnight all together watch the biggest and the most wonderfull fireworks along the Adriatic coast.


Rovinj and surrounding beaches are mostly rocky, with some sand beaches. The most common are rocky beaches with small peble stones basins. Basins are best for families with children because is easier to enter due to sft inclination, while rocky beaches like ones in the Skarabi basin on the south of Rovinj are best for jumps. Along with the Boat Abyss you can explore hidden basins and you can escape from curious eye.

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